Hyschools update – First multiplier event

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The first workshop for public dissemination was held in Pescara on March 28th-29th 2019, organied by Regione Abruzzo and FcLab. The workshop, with the coral attendance of a mix of teachers, policy makers and hydrogen experts, was based on an “instructional design tool” developed by one of the partners of the project (Universitè de Lorraine). The tool, in the form of a card game, takes advantage of the different points of view  that compose a design team, to accelerate the design process and leverage the pedagogical quality of the designed learning program. Click here for video contents WHAT IS HYSCHOOLS? The HySchools project aims to educate students on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (HFCT) on a

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EN – Hyschools is a cross-cutting educational project financed under the Erasmus+ programme by the European Union with the aim of introducing and increasing Hydrogen knowledge in secondary schools. Hydrogen based technology is, in fact, one of the major players in the desired transition from a carbon based society to a sustainable development and a pollution-free future. Spreading the knowledge of high-efficiency, low-emission technologies such as the ones based on hydrogen is of paramount importance and should be introduced to the new generations in an educational environment as soon as possible. In this task, teachers are the most important and valuable players. As a first step, the project will propose a survey to secondary school teachers

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Bando Erasmus+ Mobilità per studio A.A. 2018/2019

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E’ online la procedura di selezione per le borse Erasmus+ per l’anno accademico 2018-2019. Contattaci per avere informazioni sulle sede con noi consorziate. La scadenza per la presentazione della domanda è il 12 marzo 2018 (ore 13,00). La domanda di partecipazione, che dovrà essere compilata esclusivamente on line tramite il collegamento all’indirizzo internet http://uri.unipg.it/candidatura/, sarà disponibile a decorrere dal 19 febbraio e fino alle ore 13,00 del 12 marzo  2018. Per le restanti informazioni sulle modalità di presentazione delle domande, si veda l’art. 11 del bando. Bando Allegato 1: Elenco sedi partner e flussi di mobilità Allegato 2: Dichiarazione sostitutiva di atto di notorietà Allegato 3: Livelli soglia dei corsi di lingua Unipg – Certificazioni internazionali Fonte Informazioni: http://www.unipg.it/internazionale/bandi#attivi