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Studying at UniPG

Our classes at UniPG

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Work with us for your Master Project (Tesi di LAUREA)

Who is eligibile
UniPG regular students
Incoming students (Erasmus agreement)

For master projects, we offer a wide choice on experimental, numerical and bibliographic themes. You can consider the chance to work in collaboration with one of our industrial partners (e.g. under a traineeship/stage agreement).
To know about current opportunities, read more in the specific section.

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Students Mobility

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Open days

  Sei curioso per la scienza e ti interessa sapere di più sull’energia da idrogeno? Sei un’aspirante futura matricola e pensi di iscriverti al Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Università di Perugia? Vieni a visitare la nostra struttura negli open days e partecipa alle giornate di divulgazione scientifica

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After your graduation

 Do you want to work with us after graduation? For recents advertisement regarding open positions (PhD positions, post-lauream scholarships, Erasmus contacts, interniships), check related feed (or click onto the “open position” category to view the entire history).

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